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12:30 PM

I'm back to school. Currently on homesick mode :(((
After spending 3 weeks back in hometown, I miss everything in Kuching. The food, the people, the environment, my dogs, my bed, my house.....Just... Everything! Time flies.
So basically every trip back to Kuching is a food trip :O
I'll list down a few of my MUST GO PLACES whenever I'm back in Kuching :)
1. Song Kheng Hai hawker centre
A local hawker centre next to a rugby field where you can sweat and enjoy the heat then cool it off with cup of SUGARCANE COCONUT! I think you'll only get this in Kuching. We've brought our KL friends here before and it was pretty new to them.
 A very refreshing drink. Great for summer! I want some right now :')
 Sarawak Laksa. Not the best, but...my first laksa in this Kuching Comeback trip :D
 Jiu Hu Eng Cai (Jellyfish with Kangkung served with their special belacan sauce) & Rojak.
 KONG PIA! This is a foochow delicacy and I just cannot describe how much I love this thing here unless you've tried it yourself. Tell me whether you love it or not if you've eaten it before!
TADAH ! Lucas my tour guide aka bestie aka driver aka bro aka fake bf ! HAHA
Do check out his blog at http://luyourhighness.blogspot.com
2. Carpenter street 亚答街
An old area with several street where you can see the old shoplots around. Many of them are still doing their passed down family business which has been there since many years ago but some are revamped into nice cafes with vintagey feel.
 One of my favourite laksa in Kuching. The shop is just right opposite an old temple and this place was used to be a stage for the chinese opera show. You can have pork satay there too...quite famous eh :)
 Sarawak kolo mee!
Then we went on to another Song Kheng Hai food day with Cynthia again when she's back.  Eat eat eat all day all night HAHA
3. Alfresco wine & dine
I'm always here for the CHICKEN CHOP! It used to be RM 15 for this big plate of holy chicken but now ...RM 18 (no tax in Kuching ok)
ANYWAYSSSS....I'm still willing to pay for it ! I just love it... lol
 3. Jubilee ground "san xiao" Ais Kacang
Although I don't really like the place (it is not that clean and damn hot when you come in the afternoon) I still come here for these ais kacang, abc, mango ice & metahorn!
 We brought our friend, Alan, along :) He came all the way from KK! He must try all these :D

And I'm gonna introduce my 2 favourite night spot:
4. Drunk Monkey @ Carpenter street
A cool and nice bar which is very nice to chill with your friends. The environment there is very relaxing. They make used of the old elements of the shop and transformed it into a very cool bar and it attract lots of foreigners here too :)

I always like to come here and grab some wine/beer and talk/laugh with my friends here :)
(inserting a pic of a random sing K session which I'm missing it right now T^T)
 and also a pic of this pot ice cream which I got from Kuching Food Festival 2014 which cause the queueing craze of Kuching people just to get it and I feel so cheated after having it. Just normal ice cream topped with oreo and some fake flowers and then placed in a pot that wasted my RM6. pffft.
Last but not least.
5. Backstage/ Junk Bar @ The Junk
I'm here every weekend in this 3 week holiday HAHA. Until a very scary stage where when people talk about me, they'll be like "OH, YOU KNOW JANICE KONG AH? SHE ALWAYS GO CLUBBING ONE RIGHT?"  *insert bitchy voice*
Like WTF?! eh Kuching nth to do ma. Somemore, is there anything wrong? Hello xiao didi xiao mei mei. Jie jie here go club very guai de yo. Not everyone that party is a bad or cincai person ok? :)
HAHA Backstage is like my new favourite place now. I used to reject my friends when they ajak me to club last time. Maybe I think I need to socialize more so I won't become antisocial anymore :'D
Hello Backstage I miss you :')
And let me spam you with my party pics with my dear friends :D

 Natalie Saw in Kuching :)


OKAY That's all for today :)
Have fun!

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