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10:35 PM

 Peek-a Boo!
HELLOOOOO...I'm back again :P
If you wonder why I'm lost for so long...sorry..but ya..I'm having my finals :')
Tomorrow will my last paper !! OMG very excited
(and I'm so sorry for the Adidas blogger cup post. I did not even have time to update SORRY)

OKAY. So here's some updates about what I did recently. The "highlights" :)

1: Spot me in Jinnyboy's Video :P
only a few seconds lah.. :')

2. Lunch & movie date with my girls 
It's been a long time since our last gathering together. So yeah..finally! Went out before exam to release stress. Had Sushi Zanmai in Paradigm & watched Million Ways to Die in the West. I kinda like that movie HAHA 

3. My favourite people are hereee!
This was actually one month ago HAHA did not have the time to blog about it yet. 
 Meet the soon-to-be-superstar CHUMMYCHIANGZ from Sg LOL (kuching actually)
Look at his awesome blog: http://chummychiang.blogspot.sg/

Chiang, Jason & Ronsee :) stayed with them in WOLO hotel. Had lots of FUN! never bored with them around :)
We took like 98762358682 pictures throughout the day! Never ending selfies and here's my few favourite ones

We even met Asia's next top model, Sheena Liam in Fangipani, Changkat!

4. Cynthia's 20th birthday surprise
Went to surprise her again. Last year we did the same thing but not as glam as what we did previously. HAHAHA Last year we brought balloons etc buttttt this year....it's actually a very sudden plan. I almost forgot eh :P So we prepare all these stuffs very last minute. Even bought banana,oreo, chips all those for her as present at some random convenient store LOL (but of course we did give her better stuffs la kay)

5. Meeting up with Cindy
Cindy is back from Perth!! The last time we met was during CNY I think. So she was in KL for a trip with her family and we brought her out for brunch last weekend.
 Spend our whole day eating around in Bangsar Village.
 Cindy, Cynthia & me :)

Homemade waffles from Milk & Butter (RM17)

Like it ! Will go back for it :) The fruits are very fresh! 

Location: 25 Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur (opposite Yeast and Antipodean's that row)

Brunch @ Wondermama

The one on the bottom is my Nasi Lemak S ! (RM 22.90) NASI LEMAK WITH SALMON oh! best thing ever!
Cynthia's having Nasi Lemak err with rendang. Can't remember the exact name but it's (RM 18.90)
and Cindy's having their new carbonara with marmite chicken (RM 23.90) I'll definitely have this next time...soooo nice
Location: G6, Ground Floor, No.1, Bangsar Village, Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur (next to Plan B)

6. Our PetitteVi is leaving us :(

She's going to Adelaide...one more beej is gone. Went to send her off in KLIA 2 and this is our last pic we took tgt. but anywaysss...she'll be back on December HAHA see you soon n take care k! get hot ABC for me lollll :X

Okay that's all for today. ENJOY READING
can't wait for holiday


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  1. ChummyChiang is from singkapoh 靠近 jb. He is amazing!


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