Human Beings.

9:59 AM

Hello there. Today's topic is all about H.U.M.A.N.
There's all kind of human beings in this world. We can't please every single one of them.
Here's some facts about human. Humans are:
In general, I think everyone fulfill all these 3 elements. Aren't you?
Anyways, what inspires me to write this post?? SOMEONE. JUST SOMEONE stupid.
Here are my few advices:
When someone is angry/pissed, STAY AWAY. Don't be a kepo (busybody) okay? U can judge behind but just keep it to your self. Mind your own business.
Type in manners. Some people don't even know how their language can offend people. They just can't fuxking feel it. If they're the one who got mentioned, see how they react la ! (eventhough you don't react, I believe you can feel right?) I just cannot control my temper, sometimes. I'm not always so hot tempered unless I'm pms-ing. Yes, I am right now.
So yah, my anger burned stronger just because of this photo that I posted at a page called Kuching Food Critics. A waffle from Dots cafe, ST3 mall.
I fucking swear that I had this bad experience of having this weird-fermented-sourish taste waffle from Dots Cafe who claimed to be the FIRST AUTHENTIC BELGIAN WAFFLE IN KUCHING. Some people agreed on it and some commented it tastes good and start commenting like "this is a Belgian Waffle, unlike those u eat in magic bites n etc" I'm like WTF?! Maybe I'm really sensitive at that point of time & my fire started to burn. WHAT SO YOU'RE SAYING THAT I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DIFFERENTIATE WHETHER A FOOD IS GOOD OR BAD?! You're gotta be kidding me!
It's like a give u a rotten food and you hated it but I told you that OH IT IS SUPPOSE TO TASTE LIKE THIS GIRL ! *confidently*
Idk whether I'm just unlucky and I got a shitty waffle that day or their standards of their taste buds is...special. But anyways, my post is just for reference and I truly hope they improved so I can have better waffles next time when I get back to Kuching la. I never said that it is bad until it tastes like shit, I think the ice cream was okay la !
If you asked me why I need to get mad about this?
My EGO level ... needs to be lower down but I don't know how. My maruah (face) is my everything. I know this is not good but..yeah. This is me. Accept or leave. BTW, I PAY FOR THIS. I can add a few more bucks to get a better waffle from Cafe Bene already.
In conclusion,
I really hope that they can improve so that there's somewhere for me to chill when I'm in Kuching la. People always misunderstood that I'm a haolien (arrogant) person because of this. You should know me personally before you give me this statement but in other hand, I think this is quite a good thing because I can avoid unwanted people with my bitxh face HAHA Maybe you van know a lil more about me by reading this?

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