High Tea Session @ Thirty8, Grand Hyatt & Acme Bar and Coffee, The Troika KLCC

10:43 AM

Hello my fellow readers!
 Apart from my Korea blogpost, I would like to blog about some of my sweet indulgence that I've been having lately. I am just too excited about everything related to "Instagram-able" desserts / food ! LOL
They keep me happy all day long. I don't mind skipping meals for desserts HAHA
So now I'm gonna start...behold...
Thirty8 @ Grand Hyatt Hotel (next to KLCC)
 Straight from the oven chocolate cake - RM 25
(served with raspberry sorbet & drizzled with vanilla anglaise)
The centre of the cake is soft and warm, and the lil bit of sourness from the raspberry sorbet just balanced out the sweetness of the chocolate perfectly ! NOMSSS
 BTW I sat at the window area which allows me to enjoy a great view of Malaysia's iconic building, KLCC :P
 Live music band playing while you're enjoying your food...oohhhh eargasm lol. Music well played and sang by the professionals.
 I feel underdressed that day as this is a sudden plan :D those people surrounding me dress like tai tai and look so elegant...but me.... T^T
Thirty8 Signature Cake !! - RM25
 OMG love how it is served. At first, a cup of dry ice was placed in it with a lid covered. Then, when the waiter lifted the cover up the cake was surrounded by mist and it appeared like magic! Then the caramel sauce was poured on the cake and hardens on top of it...I just can't... somemore served with my favourite banana ice cream !
*I'm into banana stuffs lately! banana smoothie, banana cake, banana biscuit, banana ice cream...etc HAHA*
So pretty you see O.O
I will be back again ! Love everything here even the stairs HAHA
Acme Bar & Coffee @ The Troika, KLCC
 I came all the way from Subang to KLCC just for this Brownie in sizzling pot - RM 19
I love the brownie! It is full of nuts :D so yummy. But me and Sharon took too much time on snapping pictures and the chocolate taste abit...chao da (burned) *lesson learned*
 Very cossy place..the design of this shop is so cute! I would like to come again to try out the other food. We just ate before we came here so I did not get to try but the table next to me did ordered and it smell awesome!
 Companion of the day...Sharon :)
The cute brownie...yummmm :D
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