Deidre's 21st birthday ! + Yoke Lin's bday message LOL

8:25 AM

Hello readers :)
Lots of friends having their birthday this month, so broke right now T^T In this post I'm goin to blog about Deidre's 21st bday celebration at Ploy, Work @ clearwater.
G-02 Work @ Clearwater,
Jalan Changkat Semantan, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2095-0999
Ploy is a restaurant that serves food with a fusion on thai & japanese cuisine. It may sounds weird but everything turns out to be pretty yummy. The price is in medium range. Mostly around Rm 20 ish.
The environment of the restaurant was quite okay, romantic lightings, clean & nice deco.
Menu :)
Ploy means 'gem' in thai.
Food time!
*I apologize for not memorizing the food name n price*
 some chicken curry stuff :P
 Squid ink pasta! not bad, but most ppl recommend the squid ink rice :)
 Kimchi fried rice, served with beef. Delicious!
 Lamb spaghetti - A TASTE OF HEAVEN!
 not sure what sushi is this HAHA
Softshell crab pizza
 Thrab Thin Krob ruby! nice I like this, the coconut taste very refreshing.
Chocolate molten cake OMG SO GOOD PLEASE!
Picture time!
 My all time favourite girls :3

 eh heh candid LOL

Happy Birthday Deidre!
Hope you enjoy your 21st birthday and I bet it is a memorable one! Love you and may all ur wish come true :D hope u find your Mr.Right n undry you xD !
NOWWW....the fun part...LOL
We made her a drunktard that day as she always said "I WON'T GET DRUNK ONE !"
 First...with tequila shots! k she's still steady here....
we head to Sunway Giza and continue drinking in Bartress.
started with drinking Somersby as our starter drink...
Then we order Flaming Lambo.
She finished EVERYTHING...and still macam nothing one. So it triggers us...
We gave her Graveyard LOL
Macam yes oh! She drank the whole cup in less than 1 min WTF !
....then....GG THE END
Btw it was also Yoke Lin's birthday. Their bday was only 1 day apart. Abit sad because we did not really focus on yoke's bday..sorry ha T^T
Anyway, thanks for being such an helpful friend. You bring me to dentist when I'm afraid to, bring me to shopping etc LOL. Sometimes I really scared that people might think that I'm very mafan and don't wanna be friend with me anymore if I request help from them. You even bring me out when I'm bored HEHE TQ HA.. I'm actually glad that I met them, my beejes.
A very lucky month,
*I'm putting on braces tomorrow omfg*

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