Short update :)

4:44 AM

My buddy ChummyChiang  came over KL...wohoo...met up wif him and he gave me cupakes frm cupcakes chic.. AWWW so sweet. As you can see, the guys in the pic above gains more attention than the girls. haiya. Lose liao la...their hair colour too striking liao la.. :P

Recently, I always visit my friend's poodle cos he's too cuteeeee... I miss my doggies :'(

Hitz.Fm crew !!! JJ and Ean, Mootz, Reuben, Natalie and JinnyBoy !!!
They went to our campus for a buka puasa event ! My friends and I were like "fan mode: ON" and we got so hyper tat we actually requested to take pic wif each n every one of them LOL

I just love my life now. But I think I need more friends here in KL,especially PARTY FRIENDS and SHOPPING FRIENDS ...haha
BTW, I don't understand why ppl used to define that party ppl are bad and rebellious. Hmm....I guess they just never enjoy the fun of partying?? LOL one thing I like about clubs : The MUSIC :)

I am currently addicted to Naomi Neo's blog... She's a young blogger from Singapore. With lots of followers. AWWW~ I don't understand why there is actually ppl hating here zzz I guess haters always hate. Lifeless ppl. But I think she's gorgeous *OMG I sound so lesbo* haha.
K, she's my latest fav now xD

 Till then,

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