Hari Raya Holiday ^^v

12:23 PM

to all the Malay friends :) 
If I were in Kuching, I would have been visiting around at my mum's friends hse. I just love Malay cuisine because thise dishes are cooked perfectly with different types of herbs and ingredients,almost all of them prepared good food. Curry, rendang, satay.... AHH ~


So I'm having my one week break in KL :) not going back hometown :/ I miss my doggies :')
BTW, I'm gonna recommend you guys an awesome place for high-tea session :D
TWG !!!
OMG I'm in love with this place. I feel elegant and classy once I stepped into it. HAHA WTF
There are many different types of tea, I wonder when can I finish trying all those tea
My friends and I drank "Love Me Tea", "Lover's Tea" and "Fruit Mountain Tea" that day. Unfortunately...our tea cannot be refilled, so PLEASE appreciate every single drop of your tea LOL
Do bring your gf/bf here, it's a lovely dating spot.

 I'm holding a tea book that actually provides a more detailed description about the flavours of the tea, and also TWG's history :)
 AWW ~ guess how much tat gold-coloured pot cost??
RM 1499 !!! O.O
handle it with care :)

 These macaroons are SUPERB ! must try ya. It matches well with the tea ^^ RM 4 per piece !
 I love the pink-coloured ones..but I can't afford it :( too expensive. OUCH
 TADAH ! oh ya...BTW, It's located in Pavillion. Next to Versace ^^
 I have a friend, Keli , is leaving to U.S *she's alrd there* :(
so we bought her flowers, bear n balloons. Pichas are not wif me >< so ya.. I'll try to get it ^^
 another cute dog..This makes me miss my dog even more ARGH :(
Food frm Tony Roma's. Portion VERY BIG !!! O.o

What should I do during holidays??? HMMM ~ :/

Are u reading? Do you miss me? I DO :')


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