Live like there's no tommorow ! :)

10:28 AM

 Hey peepo ! :)
how's life? I'm having fun almost everyday as my sem break starts few weeks before ! :P
Going back to hometown this Saturday ! I MISS HOME
but I thk I will feel abit awkward back in Kuching, cos I'm quite used to the life here xD
I MISS MY DOGGIES the most :x

 Last Friday Night, 
My friends & I went to i-City !!
THANKS JOSHUA for driving us there :3
*I think it looks prettier in pictures* :/
So yeah ! a great place to SELCA..or photoshoot HAHA
Description about that place : Full with lightings, outdoor (I mean HOT), expensive ! U must pay for everything..the carpark itself cost 10 bucks already O.o wtf

Pictures time ^^

 Oh ya...I bought this lighted head bow that costs 5 bucks .__.
but it looks cute on me !!! HAHAHA...rite?!
 Julia, Me, Cynthia & Vivian ! Kuchingnites ! :P
 Ferris wheel !! 

 U can take awesome pictures at i-City...
I guess that's the only reason why I wanna go xD


On Monday, Joshua brought us to Broga Hills !
Let's reveal who Joshua is ........
TADAH !!! Hi :)
We actually went there at 3 am !! (because we wanna see the moment of sunrise :3)
YES ! it was so DARK n we used torchlight to climb up the hill...
I have to admit that I'm not an adventurous person and I almost fainted/died halfway up the first peak..there r actually 3 peaks in total ~ felt SORRY for my friends because I'm the one delaying their time :'(
Yes it is a hill, but dun trust the word HILL ! it's literally Hill but it's most likely a MOUNTAIN ! dafuqq...
But thank God that I've managed to climb til the highest and the last peak of Broga Hills !!!!
No regrets ! the scenery was just escapade from the hustle n bustle of the city ^^

FYI, Broga Hills is located at Semenyih ..near Nottingham University =D
Time for Pichassss !

(pictures r not arranged in order SORRY :/ )

 the moment before sunrise

 I like this pichaaaa ...took by me :D

Quote for this trip : " You will never know how far you've gone, until the moment u achieve your goals ! - Janice Kong " :)

Btw..have u guys heard of the cartoon BRAVE? by Pixar ~
It's awesome ! Must watch yaaaaa !
I'm currently crazy in love with the bears in Brave :O
tel me if u knw whr to get the plushie :P

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