Sorry for the late update :/

11:04 AM

Hi people ! 
Do I look manly in the moustache? =p
*this post is about wad actually happened last few days xD*

Last Sunday was Mother's Day~
This is my first year without celebrating it with my mum :(
But I did send some gift to her~


My mum is a mother for two,me n my younger bro =)
Thanks for everything u've did for me and without u,I won't be here !
U are actually one of the Awesome-est mums in this world *just that I nvr tel u* =P
U told me lots of things that other mums wouldn't
U suffer alot for us...I realised it since that moment I came KL...without u,I have to do lots of things all by myself :'( I MISS U
hope that u're fine there~ God bless u n I love u :3

 yea my mum looks young :)
A note I wrote for her =)
posted on a wall at Sunway Pyramid !

Oh ya !
Last week,my school is having a Borneo Jazz preview event ! *Taylor's hv lots of activities goin on.ikr*
So there are some food stalls coming over to sell their food n made our school looks like a pasar malam ! Food smell everywhr !
The food was nice n cheap..but....It made me gained lots of calories :'( FML
Food temptations everywhere !!! OMGGG
 This is a food for 2 ! OMG rite ! sorry we can't n Cynthia bought 2 each n we shared...*for breakfast somemore!! PFFT* #dietplanFAILED
 and this ice kacang was SO SO ONLY~tasted good...BUT I MISS KUCHING's ICE KACANG !!!
 some kueh frm the best stall !! rm 10 for 3 packs !
I love everythg thrrr !

Oh and there's even a sushi stall but I forget to snap a pic of it ! the sushi thr was FABULOUS ! #Iwantfoodnow ! LOL
This was the Borneo Jazz concert thing goin on =3


y so many assignments hahhh?! ASSIGNMENTS,y u no finish ?!
 This is wad I drew *I knw it's awesome ! HAHAHA PERASAN*
TADAH ! The final touch up of the cover

Work till late night ! Pfft :'(

I miss Ikea's food ! Idk y am I looking back the food that I've eaten few weeks ago at Ikea ~
REALLY AWESOME LA !!! ohmaigod~
 meatballs that u can die for ! 
Chic wings O.o
 hot dogsssss :)

 FOOD !!! me want you !!!

no food anymore Janice Kong !!!
GYM ! work out work out !
*I have to remind myself everyday* =(
I really envy those girls that can eat alot without getting fat !
GOD,why u so unfair ~xD
But I hate those F*cking skinny girls that said themselves FAT !! U fat I what?! @#$%^&*

 Jia u! GAMBATEH !! 
trying to eat fruits for dinner !
Tats all for today ^^


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