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Hello peeps ! 

 Tell u guys something,today hor...I'm seriously lucky la... 
 Walao I still can't get over it :O 

Let me start my story..
On this freakin-boring-aimless-Saturday and also a public holiday (wesak day), Me and my friends;Cynthia, Julia and Vivian, decided to go for a movie. All of us not yet watch Avengers so we feel kinda outdated.
As u can see that all social medias like Facebook,blogs,9gag etc,are posting stuffs about that movie and we're like HUH?!
So yeahh~ we gotta catch up with the trend ! LOL

UNFORTUNATELY,when we reached TGV,wad we can see is PEOPLE"sssssss" ! everywhere ! so crowded...cham liao la....public holiday bohhh
We did not give up,die die oso wan queue till counter there and ask LOL
NO SEATS ! fml / fol 
left the very first row...we ALMOST buy it...but after thking for quite a few mins,we feel that it's not really worth it. So yeahh..sad la...
Julia stil said "nvm lahh~next week we go groceries shopping"
I'm so sad that time :(

miracle happened !
 A pretty-tall-hot-stunning girl appeared n ask whether we've watched Avengers. OF COS NO LA !
Then she gave us 4 tickets for FREE
all of us were like "U SERIOUS AH?!"
she said yaaaaa....omg ! We're all stunned.
It's Imax 3D somemore ! 
*God loves us so muchhhh*

is that girl an angel?
btw she asked us to like a page "Echosphere" (LIKE)
Whatever you are or no matter what this is, THANK YOU SO MUCH !
U guys made our day wonderful :')
 Our tickets ! YAY! :D thank you once again ^^
The happy n lucky people =D

Avengers is really AWESOME ! 
a must-watch movie ! U shall never missed it ~ my favourite character in that movie is Captain America  ! OMG...soooo cute :3
*heart flutters*
Everthing in that movie is so cool ! RATE 11/10 !! LOL

Btw,I'm also starting to sell varsity jackets online =)
I'm earning a few bucks just to hv extra income n also help u guys to buy cheaper varsity :3
lots of seller selling rm70++ and I thk it's quite pricey.
So I'm selling all of them at RM55 each ! but excluded shipping fees lah :)
  RM55 for one !!  
  RM105 for two !!!  
grab it now~(pre-order)
quality quite good,as u can see..I'm actually wearing it in the pic d cinema~very comfy ^^

Pm me if u're interested ^^
Just leave a comment 


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  1. Hi Janice, do you have any other design for the jacket? Or only from those photo?

  2. Hello Janice, this is mandy. I have stumbled across your blog and interested in getting the black ones. Is it still available? Many thanks!


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