holiday job !!!

5:52 PM

Wonder why I seldom update recently??
cause yeahhh~I'm working
at Fullhouse cafe !!
quite tiring but it's fun !!
I finally can wear my uniform dyyyyy~and I loss 3kg after 2 days working =O
unbelievable rite??? wuahahaha
gotta go work nowww! BYE 


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  1. never knew you had a blog. See you around in the blogsphere :D

  2. cause u look so familiar like the day me and fren went Fullhouse.. one of the girl serve us also named Janice.. she helps us to take photo.. and she did ask us to add her on FB, named Janice Kong.. dunno is u or not?? HEHEHE...

  3. yes it's me =D HOW U FOUND MEEEEEE???

  4. dunno.. actually i've been followed u since long time ago.. and, i just found out ur lastest post is about ur new job and ur name are janice too... HAHA... so i think is u lo ~~~

  5. eeeee !! so luckyyyyy i met u ^^ giv me ur fren's fb oso =p


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