Alby's Bday Bash @ Station One,The Hills

7:27 AM

This is a post about alby's Bday on last Saturday ^^

We celebrated her birthday at Station One ^^

I'd oso sang a song for her that day

heh heh =p

Many ppl attend oh~
So fun =3

The cake that I designed

and made by Taiwan Cake House ^^

Nice rite? =)

HAPPY BDAY ALBY...old liao hoh..xD

My meal..Chicken Maryland..RM 14.90 =)

not bad

u can choose frm 3 types of sauce:

Station One sauce,blackpepper sauce & mushroom sauce =)
Beers frm alfred..thanks ya =)
Us..the crazy ppl ^^

Me and Alby..ppl say we look alike..

are we?

I dont tink so :X
Say HI to the gorgeous Chon Kee..

She's hot :3
And here comes the funniest person...Elton xD

Awesome guys..JJ & Hunted lee

This two new singers at station one are AWESOME..

great vocal...

Went home quite late tat nite

but hv tons of fun..quite tiring

cos I was busy tat day..

I've even make my dear unhappy


Today is our 1 year + 1 month anniversary

LOVE U !!!


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