movie again...+ BBQ !

9:20 PM

Hi everyone !

*I'm using my new sunnies* =P I went to watch X-men First Class wif Lydia last Saturday
Here's a pic of me n lydia =)
X-men was awesome...
but unfortunately,I was not in a good mood tat day
did not really enjoyed T^T

Well...ytd nite I went to Gary(ah liaw)'s hse for BBQ!
oh yeahh~I miss the pork cooked by his mum
it's damn nice !

This is the pork tat i mentioned !

once u eat..u might get ADDICTED!!!

Gary's cute lil sis,Lisa

Lisa: Hey bro ! dun block my way ! I wan food xDD

Everyone is heading towards the pork ! =P

Nic sim n Gary

Kah Lin n me


More pics xDD


Elaine ! :3 the gal who owes pick me to school =)

AWW...dun shy ma both of u xD
This nic sim keep on playing his iphone4...=__=

Heart attack xD

I'm lazy of typing...xD

Let me end my post wif my lame pic here xD


Bye guysss...have fun!


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