5:34 AM

aloha :)
Thr's a "trade-in" ur old cam campaign organised by CANON at 4th mile,kch now
2 days only
U can change a new cam..cheaper =)
spoiled cams are also acceptable
Go n hv a visit..!!
I went to Sunday market with mum today
long time nvr go thr luuu
i bring my cam n shot around..LOLs
but so HOT lohh...
dunno mum wil go thr at 1st..
knw I wear T-shirt mahhh
xD Lets see the picha =D
many cheap accessories thr...it's like KUCHING's "MONGKOK"

Flowersss :)
AWW! these bunnies are just so cute..I wish I have one T^T

Me...ahaha! wif my old,spoiled cam..=__=

Yesterday went to eat wif mum & dad at a place near dad's new office
Bro did not go cos he was slping at home =__=
my fav TehC Special

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