Adelaide trip- Day 2 !

9:37 AM

HELLO... Day 2 post of my Adelaide trip is finally up! Having my finals right now ! Just down with two papers and two more to go!! FIGHTING

So on the 2nd day of my trip, we went to Leigh street to have some waffles for our breakfast! :P

Everywhere is a photo worthy place for us !
TADAH our super huge Belgian waffles! Really love to eat in the Western countries because they are more generous in everything especially the FOOD!! Not kiam siap (stingy) like most some of the cafes here who gives few pieces of bananas and one tiny scoop of ice cream then served to us already.
 LOOK AT THIS! big strawberries, big slice of bananas, big scoop of ice cream! everything BIG :P

HAHA then we proceeded to walk around Adelaide 

 Love the architectural works of the buildings here...very detailed.

 Take me back...

 Purple flowers blooming everywhere. How good if Malaysia trees look like this too :(
Then Vivian brought us to the library in her uni because it looks like those that you can only see in movies :'D 

 Sitting on the grass just to take pictures *life of an Asian tourist*
 yeah...sleeping on the grass too -,-

 We spent half of our day touring around North Terrace. The we head off to Glenelg beach!! (took us around half an hour to reach there)
 Oysters and Fish & Chips is a MUST whenever you go to their beach! 
 Super fresh and they only offer take away service so you could eat anywhere you like

 We found a nice spot by the beach, with shade, and started to enjoy our Fish & Chips!!!

 Seagulls that eat fries HAHAHA they are not even afraid of human beings. They'll fly near you to ask for some fish & chips too :D

 Then of course we went down to the sea after our meal ...

 OPPSS... hope you enjoyed the pictures!! 
(not much writing is done, sorry)



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