Josephine Bannavong's Farewell Party @ SOHO

5:15 AM

 This is Ah Jo
She's leaving to Canada soon
I'm gonna miss here alot !!
I miss the times we owes hang around =(
now no more chance le ...sad
Anyway,wish her have a good future over thr..all d best to her !!
 me n Summer
 me n Korea Lo
 me n Karen
 Jo's sexy back !!
 me n Sarah
 me n Leow

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  1. Hi janice.. how are you?
    I'm imel, well you don't know how i'm. But nice to know you..
    Janice, may i ask you something? Is Korea Lo has a facebook account or twitter maybe? Or maybe you know how i can contact him. I just wanna know about him. Now i'm stay at hotel where Korea's works..
    Thanks before


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