♥ 23rd July ♥

8:11 AM

Biii~ I can only express wad i wanna tell HERE..aduh
hu can teach me hw 2 console ur lover?
Isn't it better by actions?
Hug dem when they're sad,
kiss their forehead,
hold their hands,
whisper thru their ears...
i know..but..
wad i can do nw is just wait..
for the day i can reli cheer u up..
be with u..right by ur side
i owes hated myself..for not able to do some stuffs for u
how sad..
sowee ha~pls accept my apologies..
I'll do better..
Words can't describe some of my feelings..
but wad i'm so damn sure is..that..
..I L Y..
..I M Y..

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